Made In Abyss: Binary Star Falling Into Darkness

A cavernous rift divided into layers and populated with monsters is bad enough. Foraging for food, crafting necessary items, and fighting the monsters within is more than enough to keep a player busy Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling in the Darkness.

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However, there is an even greater danger: the curse of the abyss. The deeper one descends into the Abyss, the greater the threats one faces, but returning to the surface is a peril in itself, for the ascent triggers the curse. This can make the player feel like there is no way to win. However, the curse can be treated. Here is everything the player needs to know to survive the curse of the abyss.


The curse of the abyss explained

The curse of the abyss hits those who ascend too quickly. The easiest comparison is to the bends – the real-world phenomenon that occurs when divers surface too quickly. Any upward movement can invoke the curse, whether it’s a slope, a stairway, or the sheer surface of a wall.

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The spreading curse is easily identified by the purple aura appearing at the edge of the screen. The darker the numbers on the depth gauge, the stronger the curse becomes, showing how this brutal survival mechanic unfolds. On the first and second levels of the Abyss, the curse causes vomiting. While this might seem like a mild effect for something with such a sinister name, the vomit inflicts a significant loss of hunger and stamina, which can endanger the player’s survival if unprepared.

When the character’s hunger and stamina are completely depleted, combat becomes impossible, making them easy prey for the monsters of the Abyss. However, at deeper levels, when the character falls victim to the curse, its effects are more severe: hallucinations, blindness, the reversal of player controls, and death approaching quickly.

How to deal with the curse

The key to surviving the curse of the abyss is simple: ascend slowly and stop when necessary. The ascent is always more difficult than the descent double star due to the curse, especially since the player has to search for food on the way back after a particularly long journey into the Abyss. Packing plenty of food will help in case the player succumbs to the curse on the first and second layers. Using a Bandage or Hemostasis Sheet can help the player recover from the curse on the fourth and fifth layers, so it’s a good idea to have these items on hand whenever possible.

The curse of the abyss is triggered when the player ascends 10 meters in a short amount of time. whether this advancement will be all at once or in installments. In order to avoid the curse, the player must always be aware of how far he has risen. Players who like bunny hopping in games need to beware: frequent jumping can also trigger the curse. To prevent the curse from triggering, the player must stop climbing and wait for the curse timer to reset. If the player’s only choice is to take an attack or two from enemies or suffer the curse, it’s often better to just take the hits, especially on the lower levels. This way the player can easily figure out what happens after the hero wins.

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling in the Darkness is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PS5.

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