National Sporting Federations facing the administrative issues

The Indian football community and fans were dealt a blow when FIFA decided to suspend the All India Football Federation (AIFF) over third-party interference. Although the threat of suspension for AIFF has loomed over the past few months with the ongoing dispute between the Committee of Administrators (CoA) and other stakeholders for the game.

When the Supreme Court entered the scenario, FIFA considered it third-party interference and suspended India.

Indian National Sports Federations (NSFs) are notorious for mismanagement and corruption. Currently and in the past, there are several other NSFs besides AIFF that have gone through CoA.

What is CoA?

A CoA is a group of prominent people who oversee the activities of a National Sports Federation (NSF) when the previous administration is reorganized to conform with the National Sports Developmental Code. These people can come from the sports world or other fields. This includes drafting a new constitution and streamlining the electoral process to ensure best practices, such as B. Limiting the age and term of office of public officials.

National Sports Associations under CoA

Indian Olympic Association (IOA)

In recent developments, the Delhi High Court dissolved the Executive Council of the Indian Olympic Association’s (IOA) Supreme Governing Body.

The Delhi High Court appointed a CoA consisting of Justice (retd) Anil R. Dave, Dr. SY Quraishi and former Foreign Ministry Secretary Vikas Swarup. The members of the CoA were to be joined by three outstanding athletes – Olympic medalist Abhinav Bindra, former long jumper Anju Bobby George and archer Bombayla Devi Laishram.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has already threatened to suspend the IOA if elections are not held. It is noteworthy that IOA was banned for more than a year in 2012 due to government interference.

Ice Hockey India (HI)

At the same time as AIFF, Hockey Indian (HI) was placed under the CoA by the Delhi High Court after former Olympic champion Aslam Sher Khan petitioned against the appointment of then IOA President Narinder Batra as a life member of Hockey India.

The court declared the appointment of Narinder Batra illegal and ordered new elections under the CoA.

The hockey CoA has names similar to Justice (retd) Anil R. Dave and Dr. SY Quraishi, who are joined by former Olympic champion Zafar Iqbal.

Although Hockey India is supported by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and the recent meeting was successful, the elections and constitution were soon completed.

Indian Table Tennis Federation (TTFI)

The top table tennis council of India was suspended by the Delhi High Court in February after Indian star player Manika Batra brought alleged match-fixing charges against former coach Soumyadeep Roy and officials.

The TTFI saga caused further controversy when the CoA went to court over player selection for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Judo Federation of India (JFI)

In June, the Judo Federation of India faced trial in the Delhi High Court. The Delhi High Court appointed Justice Pankaj Naqvi as JFI’s administrator after written petitions were submitted by the state associations of Karnataka, Haryana and Bombay over disputes with JFI.

JFI has also been involved in legal cases in the past.

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All India Chess Federation (AICF)

Shortly before the glorious Chess Olympiad in June, the election of Minister Bharat Singh Chauhan violated the Sports Law, according to the High Court in Delhi. Chauhan was also the tournament director of the Chess Olympiad. Chauhan also oversaw the Chess Olympiad tournaments.

But a few days later, in light of the Olympics, the Supreme Court allowed Chauhan to continue until August 15 as a temporary measure. It will be interesting to see how the chess organization moves forward once the Olympiad is over.

Equestrian Federation of India (EFI)

Equestrian NSF is one of the federations in limbo. They were running the cases because of the 2020 elections. dr SY Quraishi was also the court-appointed observer for the EFI and raised concerns about the election bidding in July.

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