New Strand Subclass Gets Announced For Destiny 2: Lightfall

destiny 2The upcoming expansion of will feature a new subclass for your Guardian, which will include green psychic abilities that will help you travel around the city of Neomuna. This is the fifth subclass added to the game, in addition to the already known Solar, Arc, Void and Stasis.

During the last Destiny 2 showcase, Bungie shed some light on the upcoming expansion called Lightfall and the new subclass that introduces it – Strand. With brilliant techniques and equally brilliant uses, this new subclass will be inseparable from our Warden’s story in this new chapter of the game.

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Today, Bungie’s Destiny 2 showcase revealed a ton of information, such as the latest season, the game’s future expansion, and the new Warden subclass. This new subclass, called Strand, appears in cutscenes armed by the various Guardian classes, serving as their tools to traverse Neptune’s secret city of Neomuna in an action-packed trailer that shows Guardians running through this metropolis against Calus’ Shadow Legion.

According to the developers, this subclass will be similar to the awakening of a “third eye” for Guardians and will take different forms depending on the class. For Warlocks, these new powers will be true telekinetic abilities, with the Supercharged technique being a barrage of green missiles that will obliterate your enemies. Hunters, on the other hand, will use Strand as a proper slashing weapon accompanied by acrobatic moves, their Supersport having an appearance akin to a Kyoketsu shoge, a blade attached to the end of a string.

Finally, Titans will channel this newfound energy into two dual-wielding blades attached to their arms, attacking in a spiraling, violent motion befitting this bulky class.

However, the most innovative form that Strand’s power will take doesn’t exactly stem from his offensive abilities, but rather as a grappling hook, a tool that’s sure to bring a mobility boost to any Warden looking to travel through Neptune’s Neomuna city and theirs Skyscraper landscape in the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, Lightfall, coming to PC and consoles next February.

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