Peck Rules Lincoln Ice Breaker Finale


Justin Peck crosses the finish line and takes victory at Lincoln Speedway. (Paul Arch photo)

ABBOTTSTOWN, Pa. – After just one spot off the winning track in Thursday night’s season opener, Justin Peck earned his first win of the 2023 season at Sunday afternoon’s Ice Breaker Finals.

The track conditions for the day’s race on Sunday were drastically different than on Thursday evening. “It was pretty technical,” Peck assessed the track Sunday.

“I kept moving the wing back and the top would eventually slow down,” Peck noted.

When asked about the last restart of the race when Peck lined up Anthony Macri and Brent Marks behind him, he said: “I was trying not to think about it.”

Sunday’s win was Peck’s fourth at Lincoln since 2021. Peck took home $6,000 for his Sunday win.

Brandon Rahmer and Dylan Norris formed the front row for the Ice Breaker finals on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Rahmer led the field into turn one, with Norris using the lead to take the lead down the back stretch. Norris crossed the line ahead of Rahmer, but the warning came out before the lap was fully scored. Chase Dietz and Riley Emig were stopped at turn four.

The field lined up for a full restart and this time Rahmer slipped ahead of Norris to lead lap one. Peck moved up to third and tried to take second from Norris at Turn 2, but Norris recaptured second at the finish line.

The podium from left to right: Brent Marks, Justin Peck and Devon Borden. (Paul Arch photo)

Anthony Macri watched the fight between Norris and Peck from fourth place while trying to fend off Brent Marks. Marks finished Macri fourth as Peck closed in on Norris.

The yellow flag flew on lap six when Tim Wagaman lost his pace on turns one and two.

Brandon paced the field ahead of Norris, Peck, Marks and Macri for the restart.

Peck was on Norris’ bumper and nearly finished second on the restart at turns three and four, but Norris held the spot. Peck tried again for second place and got it on lap 8 at the finish line.

Macri was all Mark’s fourth and took the place at turn two. Peck closed in on Brandon Rahmer and got inside as they went into turn three and took the lead on lap 14.

Macri attempted a slider on Norris for third place and the two made contact at turn two with Macri taking the spot. Marks followed, sending Norris back to sixth place.

On lap 18, Macri overtook Rahmer for second. Marks and Devon Borden fought for third place with ten laps to go.

Peck touched the lapped car at turn two on lap 23 but continued and kept the lead.

Matt Campbell went over the wall at turn two and tried to continue, but the car broke down and he stalled on the back stretch, leading to caution on lap 27.

Peck, Macri, Marks, Borden and Danny Dietrich made up the top five for the restart with three laps to go.

Marks went deep to take the inside line and got past Macri on the restart for second. Borden also passed Macri for third.

Peck won his fourth Lincoln feature by 0.444 seconds over Marks. Borden was third and Dietrich finished fourth. Macri completed the top 5.

The end:

Feature (30 laps): Just Peck, Brent Marks, Devon Borden, Danny Dietrich, Anthony Macri, Dylan Norris, Brandon Rahmer, Freddie Rahmer, Justin Whittall, Troy Wagaman, Tyler Ross, Tim Glatfelter, Aaron Bollinger, Kyle Moody, Trey Hivner , Rick Lafferty, Chad Trout, Matt Campbell, Cole Young, Zane Rudisill, Tim Wagaman, Billy Dietrich, Chase Dietz, Riley Emig

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