Spotify Has Playlists Curated For You, Here’s How To Find Them

Spotify has a song category where listeners can quickly access various playlists created especially for them and updated regularly.

Spotify has a wide arsenal of music of all types, so finding playlists that fit exactly what a listener is looking for can get a bit overwhelming. In the event that a person wants to discover new music while making sure they’re only directed to tracks that suit their musical preferences, Spotify has a special feature that takes advantage of the platform’s predictive abilities and puts together mixes from songs the app thinks that the user might like. Think of it as Spotify’s way of taking on DJ duties, assembling tunes into nifty genre-specific playlists.


Spotify is by far one of the most widely used audio streaming services for Android and iPhone users. The mobile app is very easy to navigate and very intuitive when it comes to suggesting new songs to listen to. The fact that it’s so easy to find jams for every mood and occasion makes sharing music discoveries with others so much fun. The music service’s special sauce, however, is its expanded library of song compilations, which span multiple categories and are curated by Spotify itself, for people looking for a guide to what to listen to when they don’t know exactly what they’re sonically in the mood for .

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Spotify users looking for a new starting point for the app can venture into the app.made for you‘ category. Here, users can easily find songs they might like, organized into playlists helpfully organized by genre, artist, decade or mood. These mixes are specifically curated by Spotify based on a person’s listening habits — including which tracks they like, share, save, or skip in the app — as well as the habits of those who share the same music inclinations. Users can usually use the ‘made for you‘ Spotify category right on the home page. Another quick way is to go to Spotify.Seek‘ page and heading to ‘made for you‘Browsing category.

Look for custom-made, genre-specific Spotify mixes

When visiting Spotify’smade for you‘ page is a tried and tested way of accessing playlists that are – as the category name suggests – built for the user, using the search function is also a fun way to discover special mixes of songs. To do this, simply enter any genre in the search box followed by the word ‘Mix‘. In Spotify’s search results list, the top option should be a playlist of tracks that Spotify specifically selected and labeled “made for you‘. Select the preferred playlist and start enjoying a compilation of tunes based on a user’s desired genre.

Like all Spotify playlists under the ‘made for you‘ category, these special genre mixes will be updated regularly as more the user listens to songs in the app. This feature ensures that all track sets are constantly fresh and the listener is almost always hearing something new. If a specially curated Spotify Genre-Mix has songs that you would like to listen to again in the future, it is best to save the current collection in a new playlist or simply add individual tracks to existing compilations in your music library.

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