Steve Young explains how Ravens can make Lamar Jackson ‘the greatest player in the history of the game’

Steve Young believes the Ravens have outstanding talent in Lamar Jackson. In fact, he believes Jackson “could be the greatest player in football history” if his career goes right.

However, he also believes the Ravens are doing the 25-year-old quarterback a disservice by using him throughout his career.

Young further explained in a recent appearance ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown that the Ravens’ commitment to the run actually held Jackson back a little. Why? Because they don’t put enough resources into developing the passing game.

“The Baltimore Ravens have doubled again to be the most challenging running game in football. They’ve been mowing their way through regular season opponents for a long time with this sophisticated running game. My position is that without some sophisticated passing play, they will never make league football.”

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Young wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t weakening Jackson’s passing ability. The Hall of Famer blamed the Ravens for not getting the strongest points in Jackson’s game.

“Lamar Jackson is a complete player who isn’t trained to be a refined passer,” Young said. “[The Ravens] come back to do all the great things that Lamar does.”

Young reiterated that the strategy worked during the regular season. However, it hampered the team in the postseason when Jackson was unable to get as much mileage out of his legs.

He also believes the team’s decision not to pass as often cost Jackson in contract negotiations. Why? Because his passing skills aren’t showcased as much as those of his peers.

“And now you’re asking, ‘Why isn’t he getting paid to be Patrick Mahomes?’ Because they didn’t give him a chance to be Patrick Mahomes,” Young said. “Until they do, Lamar Jackson is doomed for what the Ravens are doing, not Lamar Jackson.”

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So what would Young like to see if the Ravens took action with Jackson? It’s easy. He just wants someone to implement an elaborate passing game around Jackson. He believes it will pay massive dividends.

I can’t wait for someone to coach Lamar Jackson in an elaborate passing game. I think he would be the greatest player in the history of the game.

But until that happens, Young thinks the Ravens will continue to fulfill Jackson’s potential.

“He’s been held back by the Ravens year after year because they keep focusing on this thing that Lamar Jackson is great at,” Young said.

“There’s no question he’s the best at it. But that’s not the championship football they need to play. That’s not what Lamar Jackson wants to be.”

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