Thefts from vehicles, distraction theft, mischief calls up in Cobourg for latest 2-week reporting period

Coburg police station.Coburg police station.

The Cobourg police report a slight increase in some areas of crime, such as thefts from vehicles.

However, in other areas, such as break-and-enter and scam calls, numbers have dropped somewhat.

As part of an ongoing effort, the Cobourg Police Service continues to report twice monthly figures on current crime trends in areas such as burglaries, theft, mischief, fraudulent calls etc.

For the most recent reporting period, which was March 13-26, police said they responded to a total of 409 emergency calls.

Here’s the latest breakdown for each area:

•Break and enter: One; William Street and Elgin Street.

• Theft from Motor Vehicle: Eight; Ewing Street, Fisher Street, Chipping Park Boulevard, Sinclair Street, Green Street, Perry Street and Mackechnie Crescent.

•Distraction Theft: One; Suspects distracted store employees while other people took goods, police say.

•Mischief: Three; Division Street, Northwood Drive and Burnham Street.

•Fraud: Three; Online fraud, bank account compromises, lottery fraud and suspicious activity on bank cards, police say.

Compared to the last report issued, burglary and burglary and fraud reports have decreased; Thefts from vehicles, distraction thefts and naughty phone calls are on the rise. The largest increase was in thefts from vehicles (one to eight).

Cobourg Police continue to remind citizens that the service offers free Crime Prevention by Environmental Design (CPTED) audits to residents and business owners. If you are interested in booking an exam, send an email to [email protected]. For home protection tips, visit

Police are reminding residents that they can also report non-urgent crimes online, such as theft, traffic complaints, property damage, vehicle damage and lost property. Learn more or submit a report at

However, if an emergency arises or witnesses an ongoing crime, police say people should call 911 immediately.

In addition to the overview of these areas, a monthly deployment report is submitted to the Cobourg Police Services Board (CPSB). The incident report provides a breakdown of service requests, year-on-year comparisons of crime trends, and highlights calls of interest.

These reports can be found in the CPSB meeting minutes online via Cobourg’s eScribe platform.

Residents can also access information about police activity through the crime mapping tool available at


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