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It’s not just football that makes the sport of Wrexham famous, international tennis tournaments are also coming to the city.

This spring – April and May – Wrexham will host three national and international tennis competitions, supported by free tennis try-outs for the local community.

The Tennis Europe Junior Tour – takes place at the Wrexham Tennis Center (1stSt – 8thth April) – is the first of three international tennis events to be held in the city. Expecting to host over 600 players from around the world, Wrexham represents the Welsh leg of the pan-European series of events.

Now in the 33approx Year the Junior Tour is the tournament of choice for launching many successful tennis careers. Perhaps most notably, the Junior Tour has heralded the arrival of world-class tennis players such as Justine Henin, Roger Federer, Caroline Wozniacki and Sir Andy Murray.

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Players looking to follow in the match points (or footsteps) of their tennis idols at this year’s Tennis Europe competition will be aiming for coveted points in the European rankings.

Holding the flag of Wales high, Cardiff tennis prodigies Awen Gwilym-Davies and Niall Pickerd-Barua will be looking to outdo the competition. Neither Awen nor Niall are new to international competitions – each of them competed in the prestigious Junior Orange Bowl Championships in the USA last December.

Awen said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for Welsh players to play against the best from the UK and beyond, which is what makes Tennis Europe events so special. We can share stories and experiences and learn from each other, and if Ryan and Rob would like to drop by after football we’d be happy to tap with them too! A special pob lwc for all Welsh players!

Niall commented: “I’m really looking forward to playing again at Tennis Europe in Wrexham. I won the U12 event last year so obviously I’m looking forward to competing again. I know it’s going to be difficult as I’ll be playing in the older age group this time, but I’ll do my best.”

Wrexham Tennis Center offers another opportunity for players to compete at a high level in April and also hosts the premier tournament in Wales – the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) Junior Welsh Open (8th-16th April).

Players from across the UK – from the under 10s to the under 18s – will have the chance to test their drop shots and rack up some points in the UK LTA leaderboard as they strive to become the best players in the UK to become Wales; followed by Wimbledon wildcard 2021 Mimi Xu and Welsh no. 1 Evan Hoyt.

The tennis tournament timeline extends into May, when international courts will reopen and welcome players from around the world to the ITF World Junior Tour in Wrexham May 20-26.

Tennis Wales Competitions and Events Manager Mark Lewis said: “Wrexham Tennis Center is an important national and international facility. The three forthcoming tournaments, showcasing the very best in junior tennis, underscore how successful Welsh tennis is and continues to contribute to local, national and international sporting communities.

“We look forward to seeing many of the players at these events who will rise to great things on the senior circuit.”

To further support and empower the tennis scene within the local community – which is welcoming the tournaments with open arms – Tennis Wales will be hosting a series of free events later in the year in partnership with the Wrexham Tennis Center and Wrexham County Borough Council, where Kids and families can grab a racquet and try tennis.

As tennis fever grips Wrexham, a school roadshow will be held July 10-14, introducing tennis to 10 schools across the city and giving around 1,000 school children the opportunity to try tennis.

Following the roadshow, the Wrexham Tennis Center will host an open house on July 15 where families can enjoy fun tennis activities free of charge. There are also plans for a pop-up tennis court to be installed downtown.

Jonathan Miller, Head of Health and Wellbeing at Wrexham County Borough Council, said: “Tennis is an important sport for us here in Wrexham. We are proud to have the Wrexham Tennis Centre, a venue that attracts high profile tennis events like this.

“The center is also important to the community who have weekly access to the facilities to play and socialize while being a great place to volunteer and work in tennis. There are great physical and mental benefits to playing tennis and we believe that, like tennis Wales, it is important to ‘open’ the sport to all.”

More information on the open houses and pop-up courts will be announced on Tennis Wales social media: Twitter @tenniswales; Facebook @TennisWales; Instagram @tennis_wales

tennis wales ltd is the national governing body for tennis in Wales. We are a not for profit organization affiliated with the Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain. We work in partnership on the vision of a ‘more open tennis’ in Wales. In partnership with our sponsors and Sport Wales, we work together to make tennis relevant, accessible, welcoming and fun.

Contact information for the press: [email protected] 07932 417875

Website: www.tenniswales.org.uk

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