Tower of Fantasy: How to fix Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error

The latest MMORPG to grab the attention of genre fans is Tower of Fantasy. The sci-fi steeped world of Aida is a lush, alien world for you and your friends to explore together, and the overarching story isn’t bad either.

If you still don’t need to board Aida, check out this Tower of Fntasy trailer.

However, some players who are desperate to log into the fantasy RPG have run into trouble. This particular issue is preventing people from joining servers and thus from playing the game at all. That ‘Wanderer creation limit reached’ A bug popped up on some new players over the weekend, but there’s a way to work around it.

What does Wanderer Creation Limit Reached mean in Tower of Fantasy?

Despite Tower of Fantasy releasing on August 11th, the servers continue to be incredibly busy and in some cases are full to the brim. This means that many players encounter the Wandered Creation Limit Reached error when trying to create a new character on their chosen server.

Essentially, the Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error means just that The server you are trying to join is full; There is simply no more room to create and add new characters to this server.

The bug has been confusing for many new players who have been wondering how to hit the max hiker limit if they haven’t even done one yet. However, the error is almost certainly pertaining to the server you are trying to join and not your own credentials.

How to fix Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error in Tower of Fantasy?

Simply put, you want to close your game and then try Join from an alternative server. If you try to join a server that is full, the error will continue to appear until you join a server that has space.

Luckily, you can save yourself some time by trial and error testing which servers are viable. The server list in Tower of Fantasy shows queues and capacities using a traffic light system. Next to each server is a red, yellow, or green icon. Red indicates the server is almost full, while green indicates the server has enough disk space.

Just join a server with a green or yellow icon next to it. You can join some servers with red icons next to them, but brace yourself for another mistake or wait a bit before you can join.

That’s it for Tower of Fantasy. If you’re just starting out in the game, don’t forget to read our guide on how to farm Nucleus’, which are used for your gacha moves, as well as how to upgrade your weapon.

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