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Fourth-quarter visitor survey results show that their high overall satisfaction overshadowed the impact of inflation, according to the State of Hawai’i Department of Economy, Economic Development and Tourism.

Results are from the Q4 2022 Visitor Satisfaction and Activity Survey conducted by tourists from Western US, Eastern US, Canada, Japan, Oceania, Korea and China.

The survey found that the majority of visitors from all markets surveyed indicated a high likelihood of returning to the Hawaiian Islands in the next five years.

More than 60 percent of visitors from all markets said they were “very likely” to return to Hawaii within the next five years.


In Hawaii’s largest primary market area, the Western US, 80.6 percent of visitors expressed an interest in returning, followed by 77.8 percent of visitors from Korea, 67.1 percent from Canada, 64.7 percent from the Eastern US and 61.6 percent from Oceania.

Those from the western US and eastern US who traveled in smaller groups were more likely to return, as were more affluent visitors from the western US.

Repeat visitors from US West, US East, Oceania, and Canada reported a greater likelihood of returning to the state than first-time visitors. The biggest barrier to returning to Hawaii over the next five years for all markets surveyed continued to be the high cost of vacationing in the state.

“Visitors’ expressed interest in returning to Hawai’i speaks to the quality experience provided by our industry and community partners, as well as the individuals who work with travelers across the state,” said John De Fries, President and CEO of the Hawai’i Tourism Authority . “We continue to educate visitors on how to travel mindfully, including ways to support local businesses, preserve our islands’ natural and cultural resources, and make meaningful connections.”


Visitor satisfaction is a key performance indicator of the Hawaii Department of Tourism’s strategic plan, along with resident satisfaction, average daily visitor spend, and total visitor spend. Overall visitor satisfaction from all surveyed markets remained consistently high throughout 2022, reaching pre-pandemic levels.

Visitors who rated their recent trip to Hawaii as “excellent” included US West (87.5 percent), US East (88.7 percent), Canada (79.5 percent), Japan (79.5 percent). percent), Oceania (75.2 percent) and Korea (85.5 percent). Percent).

Before or during their trip, the majority of visitors surveyed recalled seeing or hearing information about caring for and respecting Hawaiian culture, people and the environment. More than half of visitors from US West, US East and Korea recalled seeing or hearing information about safe and responsible travel; marine and trekking safety; and support locally or shop locally.

Hawaii exceeded expectations for many visitors, with 42.6 percent from US West, 51.3 percent from US East, 43.7 percent from Canada, 32.5 percent from Oceania, and 68.0 percent from Korea, that her latest trip “exceeded expectations”.


Younger respondents aged 18-34 from US West, US East, Japan and Canada were more likely to say their trip exceeded expectations compared to visitors from these markets in other age groups.

A strong majority of fourth-quarter visitors from all surveyed markets were “very likely” to recommend the Hawaiian Islands as a vacation destination to their friends and family. Visitors from the North American markets were most likely to recommend Hawaii, led by visitors from the Eastern US (89.1 percent), Western US (88.9 percent), Canada (87.2 percent), Oceania (79.4 percent ) and Korea (76.7 percent). ).

Due to the relatively small number of visitors from Japan and China who completed the survey this quarter, data from these markets is not highlighted.

From 1.10. A total of 4,845 visitors were surveyed by December 31, 2022.

The full Q4 2022 VSAT results are available online, click here.


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