Warrior Games event to hold sporting activities for veterans

The Department of Defense Warrior Games event begins this weekend at Walt Disney World at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and begins tonight, August 8th. 28

A handful of Warrior Games participants, representing all branches of the US military and Special Operations Command, demonstrate their skills at the Walt Disney World Resort, including retired Central Florida veterans Andrew Blackburn and Mark Coltrain.

The events emphasize the physical skills and mental resilience of wounded, ill and injured active duty members and veterans.

Twelve sports at the event include archery, cycling (road racing and time trials), shooting, sit volleyball, swimming, track and field, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, indoor rowing, powerlifting and golf as an exhibition.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command have their own team during the competition.

After the competition, veterans will be available for interviews to talk about their personal journey and preparing for the Warrior Games.

“The Warrior Games harnesses the power of adaptive sports to support the journey of recovery for these wounded, ill and injured service members and their families,” said Madison Bonzo, Department of Defense spokeswoman for Warrior Games. “Each and every athlete has a unique personal journey of recovery that has led them to represent their service branch and come together with other warrior athletes at the Warrior Games. While competition is a huge part of the Warrior Games, it is the heart and determination behind each of these athletes that makes this event so meaningful.”

The athletic skills displayed by the veterans are part of this unique event, but there is a much deeper meaning.

“This is an opportunity to see hundreds of athletes from across the United States and beyond come together to bring to life their commitment to adaptive sports, their commitment to recovery and their support for one another,” Bonzo said. “Through adaptive sports, we experience the recovery of these athletes and their families in real time. It’s inspiring to see what drives these athletes to continue fighting for their loved ones, their respective teams, and their own personal recovery. You really shouldn’t miss this event.”

The Warrior Games event allows relaxation for the participants and also for their loved ones. The anticipation that has built up will finally be settled this weekend.

“The excitement surrounding this year’s Warrior Games competition is second to none. After three years of preparation, these athletes have finally come together and are ready to compete,” said David Paschal, director of the Department of Defense Warrior Games. “More importantly, they are here to support each other and their families as they harness the power of adaptive sports as part of their recovery journey. We are honored to host the Warrior Games and offer this opportunity to the nearly 300 warrior athletes and their families, friends and loved ones.”

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